Wednesday, January 03, 2007

It is amazing what humans can accomplish...

...when they work together.

Think about everything that was necessary to pull this off....

It is amazing what humans with money and time in their hands can do instead of using their brainpower, skills, experience, vitality and money to help people who cannot afford even the slightest nice experience, let alone an expensive one.
Sorry Javier, people use their brainpower, skills, experience and vitality to earn money so they can have the experiences they want. Why should someone that does not have these qualities be entitled to the rewards of someone that does?
DITTO, anonymous, plaster 'em with their own mud! - blzbob
Is this real, or clever CGI? Any video of how the formation is assembled?
Yeah, play the video backwards. - blzbob
Wow, the idea that a lot of people could get tangled up. I'm impressed.
Yes that took an awful lot of planning.
After almost a week of training a group of dedicated skydivers put together the largest parachute formation ever built. It consists of 81 ... all ยป skydivers in the formation and several video people flying around. It took place over Lake Wales Florida USA just before sunset and has some incredible shots by some incredible video fliers, and a picture-perfect "starburst" break-away.
you are write it is amazing what humans accomplish when they work together
amazing and interesting video. I like this video.
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