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Hard to believe but true... Virgins are better off

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Virgin at 18? Here's a Big Payoff!

From the article:The interesting question that the article leaves unanswered is, "why?" Is it because virgins spend more time studying than fooling around, so they get better grades, so they do better? Is it because virgins tend to take less risks (the assumption being that sexual activity is "risky" behavior), and this more conservative approach tends to make them more successful? What is causing the difference?

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My guess is that they are simply more likely (through biology or environment) to learn from others' mistakes, making them more apt to take a conservative approach to sex through knowledge of the risks and to succeed through preparation for the future through knowledge of what to expect.

There's also the multitudinous anecdotes from college dropouts and college graduates that should be able to convince anyone who listens with a mind to learning to try harder at earning a college degree.
I think michael is partially right.

You'll find a lot of factors contributing to the higher 'success' rates, but I think it all centers around one thing. Willingness to endure some temporary pain for a long term gain. That willingness will get them thru college, help them find the right career, encourage them to find the 'right' spouse instead of the one responsible for making their baby, and keep them from making a myriad of other dumb decisions along the way.
Maybe it is the other way round. Maybe some people are virgins a little bit longer, because they are raised in families with another set of values. Or to be blunt : raised in families with values. I suppose children, which receive fairly good care by their parents and raised to a high degree of self esteem just don´t need to have sex to impress their mates, which seems to me to be te case with children which have sex very early. Those children raised with more attention of their parents also will probably have better grades, because their parents care about them.

On the other hand i suppose that people who are still virgins in their mid 30ties will be probably be less sucessfull (by what standards anyway?) than their mates, because they probably don´t lack sex but necessary interpresonal skills.

In other words:: virginity seems to be a symptom.not a variable..
Correlation does not imply causation.

It is just as valid to say that people who are better off remain virgins longer, but that doesn't have quite the same punch. Does it?

In another study, in NYC, on days that more ice cream is sold, more people have heart attacks. Does that mean that eating ice cream increases your risk of a heart attack on the day you eat the ice cream? Survey says "No".
This is trivially simple. For both genders IQ correlates strongly with age of loss of virginity. I'm sure that explains the whole gap (and probably more than the whole gap, given the power of IQ as a predictor of income and education).
Since IQ is basically not easily changed, this implies little benefit to virginity, but it leaves an interesting question as to why high IQ would cause it. IQ correlates strongly and negatively with religious belief and it seems unlikely that high-IQ secular males are choosing abstinence in large numbers. The obvious implication is that certain interpersonal skills correlate negatively with IQ among young people.
They would probably be social losers, spending their time either studying, learning or creating something. I was one of those social losers, a nerd, in high school.

I find that those that did well in high school socially, they pretty much stagnated as soon as college was over: became coaches, trainers or some other low paying job. Their glory left behind at school, unable to achieve their status in the Real World.

Chasing women prior to them turning 28 is an incredible time and money waste. Since I couldn't compete (otherwise I would have!) I spent my time working very long hours, saving money, travelling the world, developing out my experiences/skills and making my invaluable at my job(s).

I pay close attention to my alumni news: [all] the popular folks just peaked very quick and remained at that level.

So yeah: this delayed vigin is obvious. No mystery here.

(For those who are in my unfortunate "social class", I eventually ended up dating insanely talented and beautiful women, have an incredible house on the beach and money is not a worry. The only thing I worry about is my next "cool project" and keeping my wife are on the way.)
My theory is simple. Those who are socially excepted; feel as if they no longer need to grow to fit the status quo.
I don't think they have it neccesarily backwards, but I don't think they have it the right way around.

I've been gifted my whole life, but I've only been a 19-year-old virgin for ten months. It's pretty obvious that the latter didn't cause the former.

The lowered divorce rates is obvious. Sex is obviously important in a relationship but I think that having sex too soon leads people to ignore many other things that are just as important.
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