Tuesday, June 28, 2005

New idea - GW Space ring

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Space Ring Could Shade Earth and Stop Global Warming

From the article:Only two problems right now: 1) You'll be able to see the ring at night, and 2) it might cost $100 trillion.

And it would keep us confined to Earth by blocking space traffic.
Anonymous needs to learn something about orbital planes.

Rings have another problem:  they are very inefficient uses of material, as very little of it is on the Earth-Sun line at once.  It would be much more efficient to put "sunshades" just sunward of the Earth-Sun L1 point, where light pressure balances solar gravity.
"Anonymous said...
And it would keep us confined to Earth by blocking space traffic."
AHAHHA keep us confined to earth... blocking space traffic .....thats funny
A $100 trillion dollar space debris ring, visible at night and blocking my free access to space? Dear Sir, not im my backyard, I say! What will this do to my property value!

If I remember correctly the terraforming process in the Kim Stanley Robinson Mars Trilogy makes use of a combined reflector/shader object. The technology apparently can be worked out...if...you got a mass driver or a space elevator to get the required material up there.

What I like a about the idea is that it would give an second-to-second ADJUSTABLE solution to global warming - which might be just what is needed by the time this solution is feasible.

Oh, and engineer-poet is of course right about the sunshades, why a ring, where most of the material would be in shade most of the time anyhow.

Cheers, B.
Cool idea. If you don't like the idea of a ring going across the night sky, why not make it a disk instead? It might be like having a 2nd moon.

So if we had the power to dim the sun, would we? Is it a good idea to cool off the world? There is some evidence that a warmer world might actually be better for humanity.

I wonder what environmentalists would advocate if we had this ability.
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