Thursday, June 02, 2005

Pervert of the day on CNN

Turner: CNN Focuses Too Much on Perverts

According to the article: "CNN should cover international news and the environment, not the 'pervert of the day,' network founder Ted Turner said Wednesday as the first 24-hour news network turned 25."

Yes. Lots of people have spoken about this (even I spoke about it in this post), but you would like to think that Ted Turner has a certain amount of clout.

CNN's response would be, "but, but, when we put Michael Jackson on the home page, people click on it!" That is true, some people do click on it. But if CNN put pornography on its home page, even more people would click. So why doesn't CNN publish porn? It is because CNN has drawn a line that says, "no porn". All that Ted Truner and everyone else is saying to CNN is, "draw another line that says, 'no perverts.'" CNN should cover the news, not perverts. Let People magazine or the National Enquirer cover the perverts.

The cover perverts because it attracts viewers, to both the television channel and the website. Attracting viewership is the key to increasing advertising rates, and therefore revenue. It's all about the money, Marshall.
This last few months has really been too much. I can flip from Today to CNN to Fox to anywhere else on the dial, and at the top of the hour I'm still looking at Michael Jackson. Unless they've found some guy who maybe murdered his wife ... or some woman who murdered her kids ...

This article forced me to do a quick evaluation of my television watching (I'm pretty typical of married with two kids guys), and I think that I mostly watch DVDs, older sitcoms that still had reasonable writing and less sexual innuendo, and the Daily Show.
I agree with the sentiment, it's one of the reasons I don't watch TV news at all, but what about murderers? Should CNN/FOX et al not put the next Scott Peterson on the front page? I find murder just as offensive. TV news is mostly tabloid news. Tune out.
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