Sunday, November 20, 2005

Fun facts - penetration of consumer electronics

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Typical American households own 25 electronic products. But different products have much different penetration, as these percentages show (courtesy of the Consumer Electronics Association):Given how many iPods you see, the 15% for MP3 players is surprising. Only 50% having cell phones seems surprsing too.

"Given how many iPods you see, the 15% for MP3 players is surprising. Only 50% having cell phones seems surprsing too."

Sure, but that's still over 42 million MP3 players
What I think is interesting is watching the rise and fall of these technologies. You list doesn't even have VCRs on it, yet pretty much everyone and their dog had one. Now, I have about 5 incarnations of DVD players (three computer, one real DVD player and an xbox) in my house, one broken VCR that came with the house, and another that we permanently borrowed so we can tape shows. It is missing it's remote (which means I cannot do a thing with it, other than play).

The MP3 player thing was really shocking, but I guess that is averaged over the entire country (USA). It seems that a lot more people have them in urban places. I guess it all depends on what you deem your needs are for a technology.
The real question is how many people have all of the above?
It was probably a land line phone survey. So they missed all the people who have dropped thair land line for a cell.
These figures only show how people repond to the developments in technology. Not just to be with the style, some have recognized the help provided by these gadgets. People are starting to realize that life is easy with these kind of things present in their lives.
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